lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Don't say hello

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I was sharing a hotel room with 3 friends when I was in Italy. It was a large vacation spot on the bay which had a lot of entwining lanes and people would often ride their bikes or golf cars around.

Me and my friends were following this "couple" - the girl was riding a bike with a basket and the guy was on a scooter (ha-ha!). Over the course of our stay, we periodically would say "hello" to them in foreign accents in which they would ignore us and take off. It was just the same now, us calling after them and them hurrying off in silence, when my friend called out "Hey, I have those shorts. Did you get them from Primark?"
No sooner did she say this than the girl, irritated now, started swerving and fell off her bike, rolling and skidding across the pavement awkwardly. Me and all my friends came to a sudden stop and, almost in unison, drew a great intake of shocked breath before bursting out in laughter.

We tried to bury our faces in the bundles of towels we were holding as we rushed by the crash site where the girl was untangling herself from the bike and the guy was fixing the basket back on. As we hurried past he death-glared us and said in what he thought to be a menacing tone "That'll teach you not to say hello!"

Once we rounded the corner, we fell to the floor and despite how inappropriate it was we started laughing hysterically.

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