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The most emblematic theaters in Mexico city

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Find out wich are the most voteed theaters in mexico city and join us in a tour to this historical places where words come to life.

Bellas Artes Palace

In the heart of the Historical Center, next to the Central park, its located the Beatiful arts palace "El Palacio de Bellas Artes", a magnificent builidng considered as the center of the cultural and artistic life in Mexico.
It was built, where the National theater was located, Porfirio diaz the mexican president at that time ordered the construction of the palace in 1904 and the italian architec Adamo Boari, to celebrate the Centenary of mexican Independence. The lack of budget and the blow of the 1910 Revolution made thiat the construction ended until 1934, in the hands of the mexican architect Federico Mariscal.
Its unique and capriciously aesthetic, is the mixture of two different styles, the Art Nouveau in its outside and Art Déco in the inside. The sophisticated personality of this construction, build almost entirely fo marble in the magnificent backdrop designed by the jewelry firm on its walls adorned Tiffany's and fine mural works by renowned muralists like Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jose ClementeOrozco, Rufino Tamayo and Juan O'Gorman.
    By visiting this site you can enjoy of dance, opera and concerts of classical music, including the famous Ballet Folklorico from Amalia Hernandez, in their newly remodeled room. In short the most beatiful represntation of art in Mexico.

Insurgentes Theater

Located on the wide boulevard of the same name, the Insurgentes theater emerges as the dream of businessman Jose Maria Davila and his friend Julio Prieto, who, wrapped in the spirit of rebellion against the bourgeois tendency of   the small theaters, conceiving the creation of Mexico's largest forum.
Thus, in 1953 completes the construction of 1,800 square meter, held by the young architect Alejandro Prieto's. While the intention was to create a single theater, the founders decided to decorate the facade, as Diego Rivera commissioned the development of a large glass mosaic mural called "The Theater in Mexico". The result: a beautiful and critical staging of the country's history.

Today, this place has excellent works, recalling the first piece that took its extensive scenario: I Colón Alfredo Robledo and Carlos Leon, Ernesto Finance directed by and starring Mario Moreno "Cantinflas, a character who occupies the center of the mural Rivera.

City theater

In the old street of Donceles, "famous for its bookstores "- in the Historic Center of Mexico City, stands proud  the City Theater.

This beautiful area, founded in 1918 under the name of the diva of the moment: "Esperanza Iris", was constructed on the site which had previously occupied the Xicoténcatl theater. Its construction was carried out by the architects Ignacio Capetillo Servinand Federico Mariscal, intended to resemble the great European operas.

The original building was covered with classical details: columns, marble sculptures andfine quarry blacksmith, the decor of the lobby were velvet, draped curtains, large beveled mirrors and chandeliers, which created an elegant atmosphere. But on the morning of November 3, 1984, a terrible fire consumed much of the old colossus, severely damaging its structure and interior.

Since 1999, a profound process of restoration in the City theater
has been made to this forum.

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