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Rio de Janeiro by Lomas
Every year thousends of turists travel to Río de Janeiro, with the endless need to live to to fullest the most famous Carnival in the world. Music and dancing, to the brazilian rithm making this carnaval one of the most interesting to vist.

Just 40 days before Easter, begins the lent and the Río Carnival. For over a week the city is to the fullest and is a real adventure to find hotels and where to stay. But, Why this carnival is so popular?.

Brazil has always been a cultural contact country. Its history is marked by a truly intense mix of cultures, portuguese, africans and mixed races, gave its origin to the contemporary brazilian culture, and among the results it was born the most popular dance, "the samba".
Brazilian Carnival
This dance was first concived in Africa, but it has been developed to the brazilean culture, bringing along a diverse and rich niche of samba schools, with time this "escolas" have develop a impressive escenarios to compete against each other.

"Cristo Rey"

 Historically this carnival was the ocation where the social clases where mixed and all the rules where upside down. This week of rebelion and resistance, radically changed to a seven days party and fun.
You can arrive to to Río de Janeiro easily by the International airport .
From the rest of the South American countries there are daily flights to the carnival capital.

Beach in Brazil

Also you can arrive by car or bus from countries like Mexico, Argentina or Chile, but be advice it's a really long trip, the best is to make your reservation with time as well as your staying because it's going to be completly fulland it's to be expected that all prices will be up. Remember to visit their gorgeous beaches and party sites

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