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Travelling Trips

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Do you have your trip booked and ready to take off on a dream vacation? There are some things to remember when preparing for your trip. Forgetting something or being ill prepared won't be the end of the world but the added frustration can be prevented. Travel preparation is crucial and here are some tips.
Some people brag about how many outfits or how many shoes they packed. Over packing can create unnecessary headaches and frustration. If you need formal clothing then bring one outfit and several accessories. If you're going to the beach then don't bring any cold weather clothes since you won't need them. Bring clothing that is of the same color scheme so you can mix and match easily. Neutral colors such as black and beige are easy to dress up or dress down and accessorize. Transfer toiletries into travel size containers and put them in leak proof sealable bags.
If you'll be hiking or trekking then bring a backpack for a carryon since you're sure to need one. If you're planning on doing some shopping then consider bringing a half empty bag since you'll need space for your purchases. Save space in your bag by stuffing shoes and folding your clothes as compact as possible.
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If you're traveling with young children then pack a small bag for them to carry. Include some favorite snacks and some new toys to keep them occupied. Consider bringing a portable DVD player so they can watch their favorite kids show or cartoon. Think twice about coloring books and crayons; they may sound like a good idea but there is a temptation to draw on seats and tray tables.

It can be hard, if not impossible to find prescription medication at an airport or on the road so pack any medications that you may need in your carry on bag. If your child needs medication or has allergies, ensure you bring their medication as well.
If you're taking a tour to a place like the scenic spots of Benidorm then check with the company or tour guide and find out what amenities are provided. They can also advise you on what items to bring with you. Keep in mind that many things such as toiletries, film and camping equipment can be purchased at your destination.

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Never pack your travel documents, medication or money in your checked luggage since there is a chance that your bag may be delayed or lost. Most countries have ATM's so there is no need to carry large amounts of cash.

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If you're traveling by plane then make sure you get to the airport and check in as early as possible. Many airlines allow you to you check in and print your boarding passes at home.
Now you're prepared and ready to take your dream vacation. Take plenty for pictures!

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